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Ghosting Jesus

Aug '21 - Sept '21

For many Christians, there was an experience or several experiences over the course of their life that has led them to give their lives to Jesus and confess Him as Lord and Savior. For many Christians, they step into their newfound faith with a fire and passion to live for Jesus whatever the cost. For many Christians, they are excited about the adventures that lie before them in this life with Jesus. But unfortunately, for too many Christians, they have at some point in time stopped growing. Whether for a lack of seeing miracles, or an inability to overcome addiction, or the storms of life thrown their way, or just plain boredom, or for any other number of reasons, many people seem to plateau in the sanctification process of growing in Christ Jesus. This series will serve as an encouragement to all Christians in their faith to help them understand where they are in their own spiritual journey, help them learn how to grow from where they are, and to lead those far from Jesus to begin walking in His direction.

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