The Visionary staff team being assembled will be men and women of high capacity and even higher character.

  • Jared Nassiff - Lead Pastor

    Jared and his wife Rachel have been divinely called, prepared, and given a burden to reach lost people in DSM by planting new churches in and around the city. They have two beautiful girls: Naomi (2 yrs) & Wrigley (9 mons.). Jared has served in vocational ministry in different capacities for the past 8 years, most recently as the Discipleship Pastor at First Capital Christian Church in Corydon, IN.

  • Patrick Willis - Discipleship Pastor

    Patrick and his wife Emily have served in full-time Campus Ministry (most recently at the University of Tennessee) for the past 10 years. Patrick is a life-long learner with a desire to study God's Word and help others understand it more clearly. He is a high-caliber pastor with a unique skillset toward developing systems and detail-orientation with a heart toward disciple-making. They have 3 amazing children who are really good at bringing joy into other's lives: Ben (6 yrs), Moriah (4 yrs), & Asher (1 yr).

  • Worship Pastor

    We will bring on a worship

    pastor with multiple skillsets

    who has the heart and humility

    to disciple others and to lead

    them in praise before the

    throne of God!

  • children's pastor

    We will also bring on an

    individual to lead our Children's

    Ministry who has a vision to

    see families come to Christ by

    the disciple-making that will

    take place through the ministry.

  • church planter resident

    By the time we launch, we will have

    a full-time staff member on the

    team who we will be raising up for

    the sake of sending them out to

    launch another church in 2-5 years!

    We want to multiply ourselves and

    be a part of growing the Kingdom of


  • maybe... you?

    If you feel that God may be calling you to join this journey, by partnering with this team through one of these open vocational positions, reach out to