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Where We Meet

CrossFit Merle Hay

4367 Merle Hay Rd.

When We Meet


10:30 AM

In Person & Online

Current Series

When you look at the way the Bible talks about rest and compare it to the current make-up of our anxious-ridden world, it doesn’t take long to recognize a vast separation between the two exists. Our culture has long been marked by hurry and hustle. Many are left carrying a massive burden of never feeling satisfied with their work, their pace, or their accomplishments. We constantly find ourselves telling everyone around us how busy we are, often referencing common idioms like, “there’s just too much to do and not enough time to do it.” The problem is that this was never the way things were intended to be. Scripture elevates Sabbath to a significant place of prominence for the people of God to practice, both in the Old and the New Testaments. It was designed by God, modeled by God, and given by God for His children to be able to experience an abundant life marked by peace and joy, not weary and worry. This series will identify the mindsets we have given ourselves to as a culture that seeks to sabotage our Sabbath and help unpack the ways that we can win it back.

Casual Meeting


Image by Zach Reiner

Dine with Direction

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