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Evaluating where you are

Back in March, we as a staff attended the Exponential Global Conference in Orlando, Florida. This was the second time that I had attended, and it didn't disappoint. The theme for this years' conference was "Lost Cause: Reviving Evangelism". As a church community, we're going to be hosting a fall retreat coming up in October where we'll have the opportunity to revisit each of the main sessions, but until then I wanted to take advantage of some of the resources that Exponential puts out to support and go with the theme and their mission to multiply disciples and churches that multiply disciples.

One of these resources is a book called "Equipping Everyday Missionaries in a Post-Christian Era". Living in the Des Moines metro, this book really caught my eye and I wanted to undertake this project of taking this book and making it bite-sized for the people of Direction Church. If this is something that you're interested in doing with me, great! Welcome aboard! If not, I would love to encourage/challenge you to reconsider. I'm going to try to make this as simple and painless as possible (and you won't even have to read a lot)! Change your mind? Great! Before we dive into the information/training/good-stuff, I want you to be honest and sit-in/answer this question with yourself: Where am I when it comes to evangelizing and discipling others?

With how much emphasis we put on discipleship at Direction Church, I know it does seem pushy at times (I've heard that from a few people's mouths over the past few years), but you've got to know that the reason this is something that we talk about a lot is because it's something that matters a lot to us, and something that we believe matters a lot to Jesus our king. Could we do a better job at talking about this graciously, patiently, and encouragingly? Sure. We're not perfect and everyone can always grow in these things! But don't tune me out because of past experiences. Let's start fresh again here, right now. Sound good? Great! So let me ask you again, "Where are you when it comes to evangelizing and discipling others?"

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