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When God Eats

Jan '21

Have you ever wondered if God eats? Has God ever needed or wanted food? Now, although the Father probably doesn't need to eat, at least not for nourishment, the Son does, at least while He was on earth that is! In this series, we're going to study the intentionality and thoughtfulness Jesus gave to how He spent his meals and who He shared them with. For us, food is sometimes trivial and not given much of a thought while at other times we make it a major ordeal for our closest family and friends. But God the Son doesn't waste a meal. Jesus wasn't interested in a fancy gourmet with the religious elite, but instead, He chose to go to the homes and dine at the tables of those who the religious elite considered "dirty" and "impure". When God eats, He eats with sinners. When God eats, He goes after the lost. When God eats, He makes disciples. If we are going to live like Jesus lived, that means we have to eat like Jesus ate.

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