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The Book of Hosea

Sept '22 - Oct '22

God is notorious for calling seemingly unqualified people into a ministry mission that not only seems confusing to the rest of the world, but often seems completely backward from reality! Moses was called to try to rescue an entire nation. Noah was called to build a big boat. Abraham was called to move to an unknown land. But the strange “callings” don’t end there. The book of Hosea is a story about God calling one of His prophets (aka. Hosea) to marry someone rather unexpected, to say the least. God commands Hosea to marry a prostitute. And as if that wasn’t enough, God then informs Hosea that his spouse will continue to remain unfaithful.. Now, this may seem completely strange for God to do something like this, and might even seem like it hasn’t much to do with our lives. However, the reason God tells Hosea to do such a thing has far more to do with your life, faith, and relationship with God than initially meets the eye.

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