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Summer on the Mount

Jun '21 - Aug '21

Everyone seems to be on the same quest for meaning, purpose, love, and life, but everyone seems to be searching for these right things in all the wrong places. And this isn't new to the world we live in. In fact, this seems to be the same human pattern that has always existed since the beginning of time. The first humans desired meaning, purpose, love, and life, but they searched for it in the wrong place. At the same time, God's desire has always been to provide meaning, purpose, love, & life for this world, and he has tried to do so by calling out of this world a people group for Himself that will be marked as a "holy" people, set apart from this world and living in obedience to His way of life as well as finding their true identity in Him. This is the very purpose for the Sermon on the Mount. Although there have been innumerable great messages given of conviction, leading people to action and ultimate change (I think of MLK's "I have a dream" speech or even the Gettysburg address), there has yet to be heard a message that stands the test of time in comparison to the impact and magnitude that this message Jesus delivered on a mountainside 2,000 years ago has had on the world today. The Sermon on the Mount seems to be the quintessential message and the right place to look for those still on the quest for meaning, purpose, love, and life. One needs only to venture up the mountain side, to sit at the feet of Jesus, and to receive these words to find them.

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