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May '22

If Jesus told us to love one another, why does the church seem to be one of the hardest places to make real friends? If Jesus is the way to an abundant life, why do so many believers seem to struggle to experience joy? How is it that someone can claim to be a follower of Christ for decades and go to church every week of their life, but by the end of it, not end up looking anything like Jesus? What is it about the way in which we live our spiritual lives that doesn’t always seem to result in Christ-like formation over time? It feels like there are many aspects of the Christian life that don’t seem to equate to the life Jesus talked about.

Many expect that because of their perfect church attendance, setting aside a quiet time, being present in a Bible study, or practicing other similar church disciplines that they will end up becoming more like Jesus. But what if that’s not how it works? What if there is something gravely missing from the way in which the church has discipled people for years that is causing more damage than growth? In this series, we’re going to literally study the brain and how God created it to function to learn why some people grow in their character while others seem to never change. Through the lens of neuroscience, we’re going to talk about how we as human beings can begin to experience lifelong spiritual formation to look more like Christ, experience joy, and develop real authentic relationships.

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