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Prison Letters (Season 1): Philippians

Feb '22 - Mar '22

Joy is not found in the accumulation of wealth or the comfort of material possessions. Nor is it found in the reception of man’s praise or the vanity this world may offer. The apostle Paul, alongside his companion Timothy, co-author the most joy-inspired book in the entire Bible. And they do so, as several of his letters will attest, while Paul is literally held captive as a prisoner bound in chains. Philippians is saturated with this theme of joy and it being found from living a life in unity with one another because of and with Christ, regardless of whether you are in need or have plenty, or are well fed or are hungry, or live in plenty or in want. This letter to the believers in Philippi has much to teach those of us who live and strive and pursue the gain of every pleasure imaginable the truth of where true, everlasting, pure joy comes from, and how that joy can grow in abundance, even if you find your freedom stripped from you and instead are locked away in a foreign land as a prisoner. This is Prison Letters: Season One – The Letter to the Philippians.

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