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No Love Lost

May '21

This series will address the tendency in our culture for couples to want to move too quickly into a sexual relationship before they've done the hard work of emotional bonding that helps create a strong, intimate, and covenantal relationship. Dr. John Van Epp developed a relational paradigm that will become the skeleton for this 5-week series called R.A.M., which stands for Relational Attachment Model. Dr. Epp's conclusion is founded upon scientific evidence that suggests relationships have a better likelihood of success when they are grown slowly over time. Specifically, if couples follow the progression laid out in the R.A.M. model, it can lead to a healthy, life-long, life-giving, covenantal relationship founded upon love. R.A.M. suggests that couples really get to know themselves and each other before they can learn to rely on one-another, thus learn to trust one another, which is key before they can truly commit to one-another, and it's only in that way, should the physical side of touch be embraced between one another.

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