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Nov '22

There seems to be a felt experience we all share, regardless of our religious, political, or socio-economic backgrounds, of the world as heavily divided and incredibly messy. Many of us are left feeling a sense of hopelessness or great burden without really much of an idea of what to do about it. Our position and belief is that the world has not only bought into, but has in many ways embodied and lived out these lies. The Bible talks about the devil as the “father of lies'' and an incredibly cunning creature who has led the world astray via those lies. This series will unpack some of the leading lies that have been Satan’s primary stratagems for causing anarchy and chaos. Lies are the way he leads. In this series, we will identify and study how to respond to the lies that we ourselves have not only bought into, but have embodied and unfortunately lived out. These three weeks will look closely at the liars of fear, failure, and “facts”.

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