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Church for Beginners

Aug '22 - Sept '22

As of 2021, roughly half of non-church-member Americans never attend a church anywhere. Even more enlightening may be that only 31% of designated church members attend every week. It’s no shocker that the population has continued to digress into becoming more and more non-churched. Although the reasons for not going to or engaging with church are vast, there are still many who are left curious, but confused. Many might be interested in the idea of what the church is supposed to be but are left not really knowing where to begin. With an introductory approach, this series will offer a 30,000-foot view of what the church is, how the church should be the church, and why the world is in need of the church in the first place! For anyone anxious to try it out for fear of feeling out of place, this series is for you.

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