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Beyond Belief

Mar '21 - Apr '21

"But what about you, who do you say that I am?", Jesus asked his disciples. Their answer to this question was critical. And it’s the same question given to us, “who do you say that Jesus is?” This is the most important question you can possibly answer. It might come from the guy at the bar asking in order to prove you wrong, or the mom at your kid's basketball game who is genuinely curious, but either way, Jesus is the one who ultimately asks each of us this question: Who do you say that He is? So, what will your answer be? Who is this ONE named Jesus? In this 5-week series we are going to answer that question from a Biblical and apologetic approach as we build a case for Jesus based on His birth event, prophecies fulfilled, miracles performed, the climax of the cross and the resolution of the resurrection!

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