My parents and in-Laws were all in town for the birth of our youngest (Wrigley) and staying at our home for the week, which at the time was in southern Indiana. Up to this point, my wife (Rachel) and I had been praying for roughly six months on one of the

biggest decisions of our lives: Do we

stay and continue to serve where we

are in ministry, or do we uproot the lives we've built here to plant a church somewhere else?

We hadn't seemed to receive the clarity we had been praying for yet. It wasn't until one of the afternoons back at our house where my father and I were sitting on the couch watching the Cubs game (they were probably losing unfortunately) where clarity was revealed.

The setting wasn't anything unusual nor was I expecting anything significant to take place. It's helpful to know that up to this point, we hadn't told anything to anyone about the past six months we'd spent praying through this church planting decision, including my parents. For all they knew, we were going to be

in our current ministry setting for a long time. It's also important to know that my father and I were not in the middle of a conversation at this moment.

Nevertheless, my dad looked up from

his phone to ask, "Hey Jared, have you

ever thought about planting a church in Des Moines?" Completely caught off guard, I responded by asking why he would even think to ask. His response, "Well, I was just texting a friend who works for a church planting organization in Iowa (CEM) and the board has been praying for a church planter for the Des Moines area for over 2 years, just thought I'd ask."

There it was. It couldn't have been clearer that God was leading us to plant a church in Des Moines, IA. After we unloaded all that had taken place for the past six months in our lives to both sets of parents, all four of them offered multiple affirmations and then we spent some time praying together through what God has

done, is doing, and will continue to do.